Photo by Paul Sirchoman

Opera Roles

John Sorel

Menotti’s The Consul

Marquis de la Force

Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Carmelites

Eugene Onegin (cover)       

Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin


Mozart's Così fan tutte


Verdi’s Falstaff

Gran Sacerdote                      

Rossini’s Aureliano in Palmira

Don Fernando (cover)           

Beethoven’s Fidelio


Bellini’s I Capuletti e i Montecchi


Haydn’s Il mondo della luna


Menotti’s The Old Maid and the Thief

English Arias

Starbuck’s Aria (Captain Ahab, I must speak with you)

from Heggie’s Moby Dick

Kennst du das Land (Do you know the land?)

from Adamo’s Little Women

Bob’s Aria (When the air sings of summer…)

from Menotti’s The Old Maid and the Thief


Donne mie la fate a tanti                                            Mozart

       from Cosi fan tutte


Ho capito, Signor si

       from Don Giovanni


Hai gia vinta la causa...Vedro mentr'io sospiro

       from Le Nozze di Figaro


Deh, vieni alla finestra

       from Don Giovanni    


Papagena! Papagena! Papagena!                            

       from Die Zauberflote


Bella siccome un angelo                                             Donizetti

       from Don Pasqual


Bonofede's Aria                                                          Haydn

       from Il mondo della luna


L’onore, ladri…                                                          Verdi

       from Falstaff


Ah, per sempre io ti perdei                                         Bellini

       from I puritani


Oh! Du mein holder Abendstern                                Wagner

       from Tannhauser


 Avant de quttier                                                          Gounod

       from Faust


English Art Song 

Waterbird                                                                  Hundley

Strings in the Earth and Air


Three Songs of War (Cycle)                                       Ives

Flanders Fields

He is There

Tom Sails Away

Two Little Flowers


The Songs of Being(Cycle)                                        Bhatia

What Wonders Lie

Race Living on Race…

Here is Calm


Three Songs Op. 45(Cycle)                                       Barber

Now Have I Fed and Eaten Up the Rose

Green Lowland of Pianos

O Boundless, Boundless Evening


The Rovin’ Gambler                                                   Niles

The Gambler’s Lament


Thy glorious deeds                                                      Handel

Why do the nations

The trumpet shall sound


German Lieder 

Sonntag                                                                       Brahms


Dein blaues Auge

Ach, wende diesen Blick

Der Tot, das ist die kühle Nacht

Auf den Kirchoffe


Ester Verlust                                                               Mendelssohn

Die Sterne schau'n in stille nacht

Das Schifflein


Aud der Bruk                                                              Schubert

Die Götter Griechenlands Gruppe aus dem Tartarus

Der Atlas


Des Antonius vom Padua Fisch Predigt                     Mahler

Wo die schonen Trompeten blasen 

Italian Art Song 

Tu lo sai                                                                    Torelli


O del mio dolce ardor                                                Gluck


Occhi di fata                                                              Denza


Luna d’estate                                                             Tosti


T’intendo, si mio cor (duet)                                        Asioli


I bevitori (duet)                                                          Donizetti


French Mélodie

Lydia                                                                           Faure

L’horizon chimerique: (Cycle)

La mer est infinite

Je me suis embarquè

Diane, Seléné

Vaissaux, nous vous aurons aimes...